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Waveforms is a new collection of aggressive complex custom waveforms for your sampler from Useful Noise.

Back in my Emax days, I’ll never forget when I received a floppy disk of single cycle waveforms. With only 512k of memory, these were indispensable for making all kinds of synth sounds and noises with the Emax synth engine. Since then I’ve always made my own waveforms for my samplers, albeit not single cycle post Emax, to create more interesting digital/analog possibilities than your stock mega-ROM synth.

With the embracing of more aggressive tones in electronic and experimental music it’s time to put out some of my own custom waveforms to take it even higher. Over 100 waveforms that will be sure to cut through the static noise of soft synths and show every one else that you’re not playing nice!

The waveforms are broken down in 5 categories by their type, creation and how they were mangled.

• Analog/Digital Hybrid Waveforms • Hard Digital Waveforms • Tubed Digital Waveforms • Twisted Analog Waveforms • Vowel’d Waveforms

Waveforms comes with over 200 Kontakt Instruments, with front end editing, 150 Live Instrument Racks and 100 EXS24 Starter Instruments in all.