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Hong Kong Glitch is an electrically charged funky new set of drops from Useful Noise inspired by the glitch sound from on the ground in Hong Kong.

Every once in a while you run across a musical style that you were never aware of. It happened to me in Hong Kong at a video installation where 2 locals were laying down some serious funky glitch grooves. The beats sounded like pure static buzzy electricity stuck to a James Brown style groove. A simple MS-10 triangle wave through a fuzz pedal was used for simple “stick to the kick” basslines. On top of all this they were dropping skipping glitch ambiences and low thin drones to space things out. As my friend described it “where Western glitch sounds like 2 machines fumbling to get their clothes off, Hong Kong glitch sounds like 2 machines gettin’ it on in a 1970’s pimp pad”.

All drops are set at 110 BPM, but the beats work well all the way up to 160 BPM. Each drop includes the main beat with variations, the individual drum hits, the static electricity beat, triangle wave baselines with variations and tones, all the synth and buzz hits and slides, the drone and ambiences drops and in some cases radio sequences (small synth sequences processed through small radios). Each drop also includes Kontakt Instruments, EXS Instruments and Live Drum and Instrument Racks.

- 640 MB
- 14 Individual Drops
-300 Samples

Over 100 Kontakt, EXS and Live Instruments each